Family Fence 2013

Our family

Hi I’m Kate. I am a Wife and now a Stay at Home Mommy of my beautiful 2 girls. It is my hope that this Blog “Happiness In A Strawberry Field” helps INSPIRE & EMPOWER & EDUCATE you with topics of:

LIVING NATURALLY (Yes, I make my own deodorant & I don’t smell like patchouli)
BIRTH ( yes, I had my baby in a blow-up pool in my bedroom)
TRUE Health & Wellness( Yup, we don’t vaccinate!)
RAISING KIDS( the good, the bad, and the ugly)
FOOD( I love to cook and I Love to eat even more!)
Creating a HOMESTEAD to be SELF SUFFICIENT( its a work in progress…my garden counts…right?) Chickens are next.

I am that girl that tells you the details of things you may or may not want to know about( like talking about my placenta at the gym! I got some silly reactions to that one)! But, seriously I am and I should say WE are an against the grain type of family..meaning, Non-Mainstream, a New-Age Hippie type of family!

Thank you for your interest in my Blog, I hope you find it eye opening and helpful for you and your family.

Kate 🙂


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